Kids Loft Bedroom

Lofts are amazing if you have a child that just wants their own room, they are easily convertible into a bedroom, there are so many companies across England that makes this conversion comfortable and easy, they can be found from a Loft Extension in Buckingham to a company in Bedford. So here we discuss 4 bedroom Loft ideas for kids.

Top Loft themes

I recommend converting for your child or children if you know them well. Knowing what your child loves will make them love their new bedroom more. So there are several themes you can go for to suit your child the most, and there are so many bedroom loft ideas it’s crazy so here are just a few:

1. Pretty in Pink

If you have a child particularly fond of pink, then this might just be the one. Using different shades of pink, from light pink to a deep hot pink, you can transform that dreary unused loft, into a princess wonderland. By using pink beds-which you can find literally everywhere with a quick Google search. You can use pink sheets, a pink side table, a pink fluffy rug, pink walls and you guessed it, pink little lights or even fairy lights. Take your little girl into this bedroom and she wouldn’t want to leave.

2. White and Light

This adds a cool and chic edge to the loft, and because of this might be more suitable for an older child. White adds a more modern feel to the loft and needs a lot more maintenance, that’s why I recommend it for older children that are more capable of taking care of the room. Nevertheless, you can do so much with white, adding white fluffy carpets against a black or dark wooden floor is very modern. Since lofts are usually small I would refrain from getting a couch, but there are several Loft Extension companies in Bedford if you do want a bigger loft, but if by chance your loft is huge, then I would recommend a slick black leather couch, with white fluffy pillows to pull the loft together. In the corner of the loft, you can incorporate a small study area, with a white modern chair and table, with a black or white lamp. If you really want to, you can even put a TV, have it embedded into the walls so it doesn’t take up more space- however, this would cost a lot- And last but not least, you can add a low modern bed with white bed sheets. I’m certain your teenager would absolutely love this!

3. Let’s build a tree house

Ok, I love this. I feel this is great if you have an adventurous little child! They will never get bored of their bedroom and wouldn’t think twice if you told them to go to bed. This is because it’s playground haven. Using lots of smooth wood to avoid injuries and comfy beds and chairs would be perfect. A lot of places online or in store sell little small wooden beds that would be perfect for this theme, a wooden hardwood floor with a fun rug would add a little bit of panache to your child’s room. To add to the fun of the place, you should consider maybe having a little corner just full of all the toys they love! Then maybe consider putting up fun posters or pictures around the walls of the room to make it more lively. Bright open windows would be perfect for this! It adds to the nature theme of the bedroom.

4. Playground galore

This one is amazing! Be prepared for your child wanting to be in their room 24/7. You can make this loft come true through several ways. First – I’m excited to tell you about this one- For the stairs you could have one half just regular stairs wide enough for their little legs to climb up and down on or a slide! Yes a slide, amazing! This will make their journey around the house way more entertaining for them. In the actual loft room, you could have a low soft bed to conserve space and fluffy multi-coloured sheets, just to make the place busy with colour. You could have a rug with colourful art just to make the room pop a little more! This might be a bit far fetched but maybe in the corner of the room you could add a small ball pit, just so your child really feels like they’re in a playground! But, be prepared for a lot of cleaning up.

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