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When you are considering a loft conversion, the first thing that crosses your mind is where to find a reliable contractor. Correct? You want to avoid scam artists that simply take your money and provide a half finished or sub-standard job. This article, discusses what you can do when you are ‘choosing the best loft conversion company’, helping to steer you away from the cowboys and towards a conversion that you can be proud of.

Scam Companies

Unfortunately, there are so many scam artists out there. All of them have one end goal. To take as much of your money as possible. To avoid this there are several things that you can look out for when trying to identify an established loft conversion professional. This article discusses the specific points that trusted companies will have in place, making your decision that little bit easier.


There are many industry accreditations awarded to building companies that have a high level of expertise in their field. These prove that they are authorised and acts as a vote of confidence from the authoritative bodies. The main qualification to look out for is the FMB award, this stands for the federation of master builders, and they are not just handed out to anyone. It is the largest trade organisation and all members following a strict code of conduct in order to be approved. Working alongside a company with an FMB accreditation means that you are guaranteed quality work and will deal with a reputable and financially stable company. Perfect if you are looking for someone to install a  dormer, velux or hip to gable loft conversion.

No Money Upfront

No well-established company will ask you for money upfront. Reputable organisations may ask for an initial deposit, but this will be agreed in advance. When it comes to a final payment, good companies may have a payment plan in place, making it easier for you to afford a high quality loft conversion.

Personal Recommendation

This may seem very obvious, but taking on a company suggested by someone you know is a good way to go, especially if you have seen the finished product yourself and trust the individual making the recommendation. The opinion of someone you know should not be underestimated, it is the most honest and impartial advice and if they have nothing to say but nice things about a company and their work looks good, then using that company would be a good idea. However, this does not guarantee you a perfect installation or conversion. Should anything occur that doesn’t meet your requirements, make sure that you approach the contractor as soon as possible.

Ask Questions

If you are still undecided when searching for a company, ask a lot of questions regarding the loft conversion you are looking to get. Your chosen contractor should be able to display their knowledge of the conversion and be able to make relevant and beneficial recommendations. However, if there is a lot of hesitation, it is likely you might be dealing with a scam company that just want your money.

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