Getting a loft conversion but not up to dealing with the mess? Read our new article ‘De-cluttering your Loft Space’, to see some tips on how you can clean out your loft quickly and hassle free.

The decluttering process

Here are DJ Moore Lofts we offer a wide range of Loft conversions in Milton Keynes, including our Velux Loft Conversion in Milton Keynes, Our Dormer Loft Conversions in Milton Keynes and finally, our Hip to Gable Loft Conversions in Milton Keynes. However, before you decide to get one of our loft conversions, it’s natural that unwanted junk that you can’t just throw away gets stashed in the unused space. However, when that time goes comes when you do decide to get a loft conversion, the loft must be cleaned out. Fortunately, we have a few tips for you, so you can clean up your loft quickly and efficiency. For more on how you can de-clutter your loft, read on!

Stay Organised

Procrastination is your enemy in this scenario. Stay focused and stay organised and everything will fall into place. It might be tempting just to put it forward and promise you will get to it tomorrow, but from experience ‘tomorrow’ never comes. If you cannot get everything done in that day, you organise times on specific days you will get it done before your loft conversion.

Another tip to do is to clear up related things to get your loft cleared out faster. For example, if you happen to have a lot of books laying around, you could keep all of them in the same area or a box and label it ‘Books’. This not only makes everything much more organised, but it also makes them easier to find them if ever you need them in the future.

Get others involved

If you have family or friends that are willing to help, why not get them involved? It’s likely that there will be a large volume of junk, and taking on that much can be a bit intimidating. So share the workload! Be strict but fair and just have fun doing it and actually do it, don’t leave it to ‘later’ or ‘tomorrow’! Don’t let anyone get lazy and make sure they do their part.

Dissect the room

By Dissecting I do not mean getting your scalpel or forceps, but by ‘dissecting’ I mean breaking the room apart with your mind. Focus on one area at a time, like mentioned before, trying to tackle a large amount of junk can be intimidating and could very well put you off.

Have an area dedicated to what you would like to throw away and an area of things you would like to keep. Once you are done with a particular area, simply move onto the next one. This makes the whole cleaning process much more underwhelming and faster.


There are certain methods that are the best when it comes to de-cluttering a space, like mentioned before. A large volume of junk can be daunting, but there are ways you can deal with it easily by doing the job with other people, de-cluttering one area at a time and being focused and organised!

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