Design & Planning

If you’ve got a loft in your home and it’s just wasted, unused space. We know that you’ve been thinking about that loft conversion? Come on, don’t deny it! There will be something holding you back from going forth with the idea, right? In most cases it is purely down to the designing and planning of the whole project. It does seem daunting, we’ll give you that. However, at DJ Moore Lofts we are here to make your life as easy as possible. Below we are going to be explaining that designing and planning your loft conversion doesn’t have to be as scary as what you may think.

The DJ Moore Lofts Process

There is a misconception that for you to go through with a loft conversion you need planning permission, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The majority of loft conversions which are carried out are done so via ‘permitted development’, which results in you not needing to have planning permission. That must be a relief! Although some basic requirements must fit the criteria first and for most, such as: size, height and the area etc.

We work closely with our dedicated design & planning team in Buckingham to ensure that we all have the same vision in creating you the perfect loft conversion. There are three main stages when it comes to conversions, which are:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Construction

All of these stages are crucial development structures, to ensure that everything is thought out and processed to reach your desired look. What makes us different is we like to keep our customers involved and kept up to date with the whole development of your project. Your opinions and ideas are important to our design and planning team.

Conversions we Offer

At DJ Moore Lofts we supply three main conversion types, which are:

All of these loft conversions in Milton Keynes are specifically designed and tailored to suit our customer’s taste. Starting every project with a consultation you can outline your main concerns regarding your loft space and what is needed. If you are unsure on which one would suit your home, our design and planning team in Aylesbury are fully experienced in being able to evaluate your home and envisioning your perfect loft.

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