The beginning of the year is the perfect opportunity to reinvent yourself, so why not reinvent your home as well? As we approach the end of January you may be struggling to keep sight of your New Year’s resolutions, they can be hard to stick to, but a common one that is often chosen and then forgotten is to keep your home clean throughout the year with no clutter.

Why Keep Your Home Clean?

Nobody wants a messy home; it’s difficult to live in. You can’t find things that you want when you need, and it is not the best environment for children. Messy homes are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, leftover food in their containers in the living room, dirty clothes strewn all over the floor and dark, dingy rooms with minimal ventilation can all be ideal for bacteria growth; causing things such as mould, damp and collections of dust.

If these are present in your home, then it can make it a really horrible place to be. So it’s important that you keep your home clean to reduce health risks and to make it a nicer, happier place to be. In most cases, people tend to move out of their homes during the beginning of the year for a fresh start during a fresh year. But if you’re happy where you are, or have decided on extending your home with a conservatory or loft conversions Aylesbury, then we’ve devised a list of things that you can do to stick to your new year’s resolution and keep your home clean. So keep reading!

Deep Clean Your Carpets Every Few Weeks

Cream and beige rugs can mark extremely easy and become eyesores, so it’s important that you take extra precautions just to ensure that it stays clean and out of harm’s way. Over time dust and dirt particles can settle into your carpet and become present in the deep parts of your rug or carpet, making them extremely challenging to clean. Due to this, it would be a good idea to invest in a Rug Doctor to ensure that your carpet gets the deep cleansing that it needs.

Your carpet will appear brighter within one use, revitalising the room around it, as nothing looks worse than a dingy tattered carpet. You should do this every 3-4 weeks for optimum cleanliness. Not to mention how great this cleaning tip is for those that have pets that can cause odours and mark carpets, and it’s an affordable process!

carpet cleaning machine

Get A New Mattress And Bed Sheets

Mattresses have a typical lifespan of between 7 – 10 years, after this they should be replaced as they can be the perfect habitat for things like bedbugs. Bedbugs appear in aged unclean mattresses; they can appear if you do not wash your sheets or bedding enough.

And bed bugs are not easy to get rid of, having this problem already? Check out this article on how to get rid of bedbugs. Comfort is a number one priority in your home; you should look forward to getting into bed after a long day instead of dreading it! So as one of your goals to improve your home’s cleanliness as well as increase comfort within your home, invest in a new mattress! Take a look at furniture village mattresses and find the bed perfect for you!

Have Your Oven Cleaned Professionally

The dreaded chore of every homeowner, oven cleaning requires tiring aggressive scrubbing to remove tough grease and burnt foods, not to mention the fact that you probably do not have anywhere near as much equipment or suited cleaning products as a professional would. Not cleaning your oven can cause health hazards, as well as cause your food to have a slight taste of charcoal and black smoke – not nice.

So why not pay a professional oven cleaner to do the dirty work for you? A shiny, gleaming oven is just what your home needs to help it look spick and span all year long. Household cleaners won’t touch those burnt on stains and using harmful chemicals yourself when you aren’t entirely educated on them causes a threat, so have your oven cleaned by a professional who is also covered by insurance.

professional oven cleaner

Don’t Just Clean Your Home – Cleanse The Air

And it’s not just your home that might need purifying, air purifiers and dehumidifiers can be fantastic at creating an airy light home as well as minimising plenty of health hazards, such as pet hair, dust, pollutant gases, smoke and pollen.

Hayfever is a huge problem for millions of people in the UK; it can trigger more severe health issues such as asthma, so it’s essential that if you suffer from health disorders like this to keep the air in your home clean and pure. Due to this, an air purifier may be necessary to keep the pollen particles out of the air, if you smoke inside your home then an air purifier will help take the excess and second-hand smoke out of the air.

Although if you’re wanting to keep your home clean in the new year, then you should pull the plant out with the roots, stop smoking indoors and open windows to improve ventilation as well as prevent yellowing your property.

Invest In New Windows

Nothing creates a light, clean, airy feeling than plenty of light and fresh air; this can be hard to achieve if you have outdated windows scattered minimally around the house. If you have loft extensions Bedford why not consider skylights to emphasise and increase the appearance of the size of the room? Light coloured walls and plenty of sunlight give the instant impression of cleanliness, so if your home seems dark and murky with little sunlight, this could be the key to keeping your home clean all year.

If you don’t have a loft conversion yet want a light, airy look within your house, consider having new updated windows fitted, and if that’s not enough then have more windows added to your home!

loft conversion skylight windows

Deep Clean Your Fridge

Your fridge is one of the most paramount appliances in your home. It holds the majority of the food in your home, and if it were to breakdown without you realising, all of the food inside could go bad and become inedible. When your fridge breaks down, and foods that must be kept cool are exposed to room temperature conditions, bacteria begins to multiply at alarming rates on meats, fruits, vegetables and just about anything in your fridge.

By eating something that has been left in these conditions, you are putting yourself at major risk of making yourself ill from a bacteria often found in raw meats called Salmonella. Salmonella is caused by a bacteria that lives on raw meats. It’s still present even when food is kept cool, but it is killed off when cooked. In large quantities, even when cooked it can be difficult to get rid of this much bacteria, or if the food is under cooked. Juices can run in your fridge from meats that you have stored, as well as other foods. So by cleaning out your fridge, you’re making it hygienically safe, and it will make you feel as though your food is fresher. Throw out anything past its sell-by date, clean up any spillages and wipe down any marks or stains. These things can cause a potent smell in your fridge and be extremely off-putting every time you open it.

Be sure that once you have cleaned out all of the trays and shelves with a strong kitchen disinfectant, to secure the lids on all condiments and sauces and place everything in an orderly manner – remember meats at the bottom of the fridge!

Clean Out Your Drains

Drains are often left clogged up; they’re forgotten about by homeowners until they become a serious problem. Leaving your drains clogged up over a period of time can cause pipe leaks and bursting. Worst case scenario, this can even cause you entire home’s sewage system to back up.

A sewage back up will flood your entire home with all of the disgusting waste from the sewers and pipelines that you do not want inside your house. Being exposed to this increases the chance of contracting illnesses and serious diseases that are passed on through things like this. As well as sewage backups, pipe bursting and leaks under your home could cause home flooding. This can be catastrophic if not dealt with fast and efficiently. Water starts to deteriorate your home within minutes and can destroy even the foundations of your home when left long enough.

Unblocking your drain is simple enough. If you think the problem may be more complex than you originally anticipated, be sure to call in a plumber to assist you. If you have been putting grease, oils and fats that you shouldn’t down your plug hole, then this issue is relatively easy to solve. Using a drain snake, you can either choose to break up the blockage and allow your drains to flow freely again. Or you can use highly concentrated drain cleaning chemicals that will work to break down all of the grime and grease clogging up your drain.

water down drain

Pack Away Clutter

This is a common issue that we find with homeowners. Hoarders are extremely common, and there are different levels of extremities. If your home is cluttered with mountains of figurines, china figures and other outdated possessions, you could be a hoarder.

As home design trends progress and move forward with the times, the new trend is to have ample open space with plenty of room. Even if you have a small home, you can still open it up to appear much bigger than it is by using lighting, windows and open plan home designs. If you are currently living with your clutter surrounding you, the New Year is a perfect time to transform your home into a neat, beautifully designed property. You can do this by donating all of your dated and unnecessary belongings to charity, holding a garage sale or even put them for sale online on sites like Preloved.


Dust molecules can cause irritation to the nose, chest, eyes and throat. In most cases, you will react with allergy-like symptoms, the same way you would respond to pollen. Although this may not seem like much of an issue, a dusty home can make your home appear dingy and will connote to guests that it is not regularly cleaned and maintained.

To avoid this, we recommend purchasing a feather duster, and going around your home with it once a week. This way you can get rid of any thick dust that is out of reach without getting in close proximity. Using your feather duster, you can also get rid of spider webs.

woman dusting sofa

Start Your Year-Round Cleanliness Journey Today

Using our top tips, you can stick to your new year’s resolution and keep your home looking and feeling clean all year round. For more information on our loft conversions Towcester please feel free to contact us today. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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