Beautiful Modern Loft

Has your Loft fully been fully converted, but you just don’t know how you want to design it, to make for a comfortable yet stylish new living space? Then read this article discussing Loft Conversion Design Ideas to give you some tips on a design!

Loving your Loft

How your Loft Looks always adds to how comfortable you will be, if you Design a Loft that completely suits you then leaving your loft will be a struggle. With the help of this article, you can find out a few suggestions you can use to design your dream conservatory. Your dream conservatory design should be worked around the shape of your loft, whether it’s a Velux, Dormer or Gable Conversion, you should feel right at home with your perfect conservatory.

Add a Bathroom

A loft can be a perfect master bedroom, and adding a bathroom can convert it into a luxurious en-suite. To utilise some space- and if you have a free standing bath- spacing out the tub from other areas, putting it in the middle of the room not only makes it stylish but it also takes advantage of the small space lofts tend to have.

Natural Light

Having a nice ray of the sunshine in your loft adds to the comfort of the whole room. Using large windows or a lot of small walls is a great way of doing this. Using a lot of white in the room adds to the airiness of the room and also makes it look bigger. However, white can easily stain, so if you are sure you can keep it reasonably clean, then this would be a good look.


If you have uneven colour in your loft, for a modern look, paint the whole loft the same colour such as white for that airy feel mentioned before. White goes with most colours so, I suggest you then use furniture in your favourite colour to complement the white. Fairy Lights may seem tacky to some, but hanging them in the right places such as on the ceiling hanging down or on the wall behind your bed if you have one can look very beautiful.

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