Modern Loft Conversion

Published in this week’s ‘The Guardian’, researches have shown that investing in a Loft Extension increases homes’ value by 20%. Read more to find out exactly how this works, and how it can benefit you in the future!

How Does it Increase Value?

Top investigators have found out that deciding to get a Loft Extension added to your home can add £42,000 and more to an average property within the UK. Even adding an extra bathroom can increase value by up to £10,000.

Proven by the ‘Nationwide Building Society’, results show that increasing floor space by an extra 10% could potentially add an extra £10,000 to its current property value.

For those of you who are interested in getting one of our Loft Extensions Bedford, you will be happy to know that adding a Loft Extension can increase value of the property by a staggering 22%.It is evident all across the UK, that buyers are willing to spend that little bit more for usable and effective space within the home. Whether that may be an extra bedroom, bathroom or Loft Conversion Bedford.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The writers from ‘The Guardian’ have calculated the following percentages.

  • Adding a Bathroom adds 5%
  • Increasing floor space adds 5%
  • Adding a bedroom adds 11%
  • Getting a Loft Extension/Conversion adds 22%.

Adding extra space within your home reaps more rewards than none, as proven above you can add massive amounts of property value to your home by deciding to invest in of our very own loft Extensions/Conversions.

All Loft Conversions are specifically tailored to suit your personal needs for the home, whether you are looking to sell up or simply add extra room, you can be sure to find something suitable for your home.

We hope this blog has been insightful regarding the worth of Loft Extensions and Conversions within the home, please feel free to get in contact for further information on our services.

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