Loft Coversion

Converting that unused attic is a big step that requires lots of work and planning. However, the finished results, whether it is a Dormer, Velux or Hip to Gable Conversion, will leave you with an increased value on your home and extra space, so in this article, we discuss Planning your Loft Conversion – Where to start, if you are considering getting a loft Conversion for your home.

Why should I have a Loft Conversion?

This question is probably the first thought that comes to your head when you first think of having a loft conversion. Like mentioned before, Loft Conversions add more value to your home and in most cases reaches a total added value of 20%; this means when, or if you ever decide to sell your house, you can sell it for more than you originally bought it, simply because of the Loft Conversion. Another reason to have a loft conversion is, you will not be alone. There are many companies out there that provide Loft Conversions in Milton Keynes or Loft Conversions in Woburn Sands, or wherever you might live in the UK, but it is good to remember working with a high-quality Loft Conversion Company will mean having the best results. Look for a company with a FMB accreditation- this means you will be working with a reputable and a quality assured company.

Loft Space

It is also important to consider if your loft space will be suitable for whatever conversion you have in mind as different conversions have different requirements. Firstly you need to find out the interior height of your Loft Space; this is because any height lower than 2.3 meters is considered unsuitable for conversion. All of these standards are to be met according to the FMB rules and regulations.

How to use the space?

After your loft is fully converted, the next thing to consider is how you will use it. However, this is up to you. If you want to use it as an extra bedroom with an en-suite or even as a playroom if you have any children, you can, this is solely your decision to make.

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