Loft Extension

If you are finding that there just isn’t enough space in your home, you start noticing that the spare bedroom is currently just be used as a dumping ground for all those unwanted yet irreplaceable items you just can’t seem to through away. Then we think it’s about time you start doing something about it. One of the most appropriate rooms shall we say, for you to convert into a new room for your home is the loft. During this article, we are going to be giving you our ‘Top Tips on Picking the Right Loft Extension’ helping you in making your renovation decision, which is right for you and your family.

Start Thinking Practically

Although for some, getting their Loft Converted is something other than ‘practical’ when designing and planning your dream Loft Extension in Bedford, starting from the bottom is the best way forward. Why? You may ask, when we say “Starting from the bottom” what we really mean is finding out the fundamental reasons as to why you are getting a Loft Conversion in the first place. Ask yourself. “Do I need extra space?” “Do I want to increase value?” “Am I looking to get a new bedroom?”

By asking yourself the above questions, allows you to come to terms with your decision. Understanding what you are getting the Loft Extension for, means you can make an easier and far more beneficial decision for you and your family.

Make a Budget Plan

Something which is probably easier said than done, we know. Although at DJ Moore Lofts we do try and advise our customers to make a fix budget plan on their Loft Extension whether they may be going for our Velux, Dormer or Hip to Gable creating a fixed plan means that you are subjecting yourself and keeping a strict structure to follow. Believe it or not, we have witnessed that customers are becoming stricter and determined to follow this rule for their own self purpose.

Know What You Want Changing

It’s very easy for customers to just say that they want a Loft Extension, however it’s always good to know what is exactly you want doing. We like to look at it as if though a Loft Extension is the umbrella, the top layer however what is underneath it all is what matters. Everyone has a reason as to why they are getting their loft converted, therefore coming up with this idea will make your decision far easier when trying to pick the right Loft Extension for you.

We hope that these few hints and tips to picking the right Loft Extension for you will make it easier for you to come to terms with your decision. If you would like any further assistance with this particular topic or any information on the Conversion Services we provide, please feel free to get in contact with our office team today.

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