DJ Moore Lofts staff recently took part in a Paslode training day as a masterclass for our loft conversion staff.

What Was The Training Day About?

The training day was based around the use of Paslode; it allowed our staff to spend time improving their knowledge and techniques with the tools we use from this supplier. As they work with these tools day in day out we thought it would be something worth doing to certify that our fitters are qualified and fully fledged professionals with these tools.

The day involved a lot of information, running through the safety precautions that must be taken when using the tools as well as the best techniques and equipment to provide the best results. The training course was held at a local site in Bletchley, after the team completed their tasks at the end of the day they were all warded with cards that prove they’re now officially Paslode certified meaning that they are fully fledged experts on using these tools within the workplace.

So thanks to the trainers at Paslode for carrying out the class and a big congratulations to the team, we can’t wait to use this extended skill in our upcoming projects.

staff watching demonstration

DJ Moore Lofts Paslode Vehicles

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