About The Project

This is a great conversion for a growing family in Northampton. We provided a survey to the family 6 months before we started the build and at that point the client gave a brief of what they would be looking to have to make the loft conversion a viable option. Once I had measured and seen the space I was able to give them the option of 2 bedroom areas and the stairs to come up and over the Sistine stairs of their large landing area, giving nearly 2 identical sized rooms. After the clients had seen our design and quote they were happy to proceed with us to start the design process and get all the permissions and plans need to do the full conversion.

Once we started on day one we cracked straight on with the structural work required to transform the space in to an open area. Once we had converted the loft to the “shell” stage, we invited the clients up in to the space to see it first hand. We try to do this on all our conversions, the idea being you can see the space and get a real feel for sizes. At that point we can look to make any changes that may be wanted or needed. We are not necessarily fixed to what is designed on the layout and plan, and always try to work with a client to give them the best space possible to them. In this instance the client opted to make the new landing spaces smaller and add a storage cupboard to each bedroom untilsizing the space for future storage use. We can at that point decide on electrical positions, and gives us less chance of items being in the wrong place further down the line as you can dress the room at the stage and plan where any furniture may be going.

We completed the the structural work and were ready for plastering after 2 weeks thanks to our great team. This meant we were able to give the clients a great transformation in a short time scale with minimal disruption. This loft was fitted with a total of 5 Velux windows. 4 Large SK06 GGL Velux and one smaller MK04 over the new stairs leading up to the loft rooms. These large windows helped make the space nice and bright and gives the appearance of more space.

We finished this conversion in just over 3 weeks (3 weeks and 1 day).

The family were very grateful for the space, and it gave them the spare room and kids game room/snug they looked for.