About The Project

Here is a pitched roof dormer conversion on a lovely sized house and loft. The client was looking to add more space for the growing kids so that they could have their own games/playroom. So we transformed their loft to provide them with the space.

What We Did:

The loft was originally a huge room. However, we were struggling to get the stairs up and the landing in an area where we could achieve a 2m head height with it just being a Velux conversion and not changing the existing 1st-floor layout. We suggested the idea of one rear pitched roof dormer to allow for the stairs to go over the existing ones while not compromising the existing layout at all. We also managed to achieve a decent sized landing area.

The bedroom has 4 x GGL Mk04 Velux Roof Windows for plenty of natural light, along with four access doors/points to access the storage area.

There is plenty of space and height in this conversion, and it will make for a lovely games rooms, and it could also double up as a beautiful bedroom if ever needed in the future.

Pictures During the Project

Client Feedback:

The clients were so happy with the loft and our work we also carried out some other alterations for them in their kitchen, including removing a load-bearing wall for them to give an open plan living room.

You can also watch a tour of the finishing touches being done to this pitched roof dormer conversion before it was completed. Head over to our YouTube Channel to see more videos of completed work.

Pictures After the Project