Loft Conversions in Milton Keynes

Transform your home and introduce additional space with stunning and bespoke loft conversions in Milton Keynes. When working with our experienced team, you can design a conversion that epitomises your style and requirements, ensuring you and your family love the new space you have created.

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Luxury & Bespoke Loft Extensions

There is no better way to add another room onto your home than using wasted space in the loft. This space can be used to create a new bedroom with an ensuite, games room, walk-in wardrobe and so much more! With our fully tailored loft extensions in Milton Keynes, you can create a space for the family to relax in, giving you the best alternative to moving home. No matter how big or small your loft space, our team can help to bring your vision to life using one of three popular loft conversion styles.

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Dormer Conversion

For those with little head height in the loft, you will be pleased to know that you are not restricted from having a loft conversion. Our dormer conversion in Milton Keynes allows you to add additional height onto your loft space, giving you the room for your vision without compromising on space in the rooms below. A dormer conversion offers a flattering and flat ceiling that completely opens up your space by removing a section of the roof and extending it vertically so that it is parallel with the front or back of the property. You can choose to include a balcony door and high-quality windows into your dormer, all of which will match your existing windows for a coherent appearance with a modern touch.

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Velux Conversion

A stunning addition to the home is our Velux conversion in Milton Keynes, designed to provide you with ample light to make the space feel bigger and brighter. The Velux conversion is most suited to homes that already have the height in their loft for a conversion without having to tamper with the roof. To ensure that you are provided with enough space and light, the Velux conversion incorporates stunning Velux windows, also known as skylights, to the roof. Your newfound space can be used for various rooms, whether it be a chill out zone for the whole family to enjoy, a peaceful office or a luxury double bedroom and ensuite. Whatever you have in mind for your new space, our team can help with everything from design to plumbing and electrical work.

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Hip to Gable Conversion

If you have an awkward space to work with, such as a slanted roof on all four sides of your home, then a hip to gable conversion in Milton Keynes is the perfect option. A hip to gable is where the side of the roof is pulled out to be parallel with the sidewall, giving the appearance that the conversion was part of the existing architecture. Many of our clients with small loft space often choose to combine hip to gable conversions with dormer conversions to give them the best possible space. The materials used are perfectly matched with the rest of your home to ensure that it matches seamlessly with your property. You can also choose windows from our trustworthy and reputable window suppliers, ensuring every aspect of your conversion is the best quality possible.
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Attic Conversion Additional Services

Here at DJ Moore Lofts, we want to ensure that your attic conversion in Milton Keynes runs smoothly by providing you with all of the services you may require. Our professional and experienced plumbers, designers and decorators can bring your vision to life without you having to lift a finger. From start to finish, our team will project manage your conversion, ensuring that every installation and service is tailored to your requirements. Take a look at the other services that can be included in your package.

Plumbing Services

If you plan to have an ensuite incorporated into your loft conversion, then our plumbing services in Milton Keynes are perfect for establishing a seamless conversion built around your design and requirements.
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Decorating Services

Finish your conversion with a range of decorating services in Milton Keynes. From painting the walls to adding your chosen wallpaper, our team will make sure that your conversion is perfect in every way.
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Flooring Installation Services

From tiling to laminate flooring, our team can install a range of floor materials to provide you with luxury touches. Our flooring installation services in Milton Keynes are designed to minimise disruption of your project.
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Heating Services

Maintain a warm and cosy conversion with heating services in Milton Keynes, where the team can help to install new boilers and central heating systems or repair your existing system to accommodate your new space.
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Fitted wardrobes in Milton Keynes are perfect for creating a dressing room or bedroom that caters to you. Our team can help to design made to measure wardrobes in your chosen colour scheme and style.
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Design & Planning

Right from the start, our team will work with you through design and planning in Milton Keynes, introducing you to new solutions to maximise space and unlocking your properties potential.
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Why Choose DJ Moore Lofts?

Having had experience providing loft conversions for many clients over the years, the DJ Moore Lofts team have become well known in the industry for our high-quality, well designed and award-winning loft conversion. Our team have won awards for the best Velux loft conversion of the year, along with many others.

Plumbing Services

If you plan to have an ensuite incorporated into your loft conversion, then our plumbing services in Milton Keynes are perfect for establishing a seamless conversion built around your design and requirements.

Gas Safe Registered

Ensuring you have the safest experience and can enjoy your home addition knowing our team are safety-approved.

Fixed Price Quotes

There are no hidden fees in our quotes, and additional features can be added to your package during your project.

Explore Our Loft Conversion Showroom!

Whether you have a design in mind that you would like to implement, or you would like to find out more about your range of options, why not come and visit our showroom? If you have not found the perfect loft conversion showroom in Milton Keynes to answer all your questions, then you can find friendly and experienced designers waiting for you to visit our showroom located in Bedford.

Inside our showroom, you can find a host of design ideas and solutions, such as Velux windows, wardrobes, cladding, and so much more. Head on down to our showroom or contact the team to find out more and book a consultation.

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What Our Clients Say

" DJ Moore Lofts have managed to turn our loft into a fabulous guest room. They were very tidy and went out of their way to make the job run smoothly. We are extremely grateful for Daniel and his team's work."

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"I am very pleased with my DJ Moore Loft. It all went smoothly and it was a very professional service. The contractors were very experienced and were very courteous and respectful of the rest of the house and my family during the work. Not ever having a loft conversion previously I was anxious about the whole process but I can honestly say that I needn't have worried and have no reason not to recommend them to others."

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