Quality Hip to Gable Conversions

Our Hip to Gable Conversions are not only great in quality, but it can be fitted perfectly into your home!

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About Our Hip to Gable Conversions

Hip to gable conversions can be done when an existing roof that has a hip and makes the loft space smaller and shrinks the area that could be converted. We can change this by building the existing side wall straight up, to form a new triangular gable end and the existing roof can be filled in with new rafters, felt and tiles. This intern increases the amount of usable space which normally helps with getting the new stairs up over the existing set of stairs.

And now that you have a bigger roof space we can add Dormers and Velux to make the room perfect for everyone’s needs.

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Benefits Of Hip to Gable Conversions

  • Increases amount of usable space
  • Makes lofts more practical to convert
  • Allows Velux or bigger Dormer to be added
  • More practical for staircases
  • Can choose from many types of finishes

Why DJ Moore Conversions?

The majority of houses that are hip roofed in style tend to have a smaller area to convert so for a conversion to be practical, a hip-to-gable conversion is a smart solution. This type of conversion involves changing the sloping side of the property to a flat gable end.

Our Work with Hip to Gable Conversions Videos

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