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Within the past 2 weeks our team at DJ Moore Lofts have had the pleasure in working with one of the biggest well-known Building shows on the TV, DIY SOS. They reached out to us to help them with a huge project in Blackpool regarding Children Carers. We would love to share with you our experience and what went down during the programme.


DIY SOS is a British Television show on BBC presented by Nick Knowles, it was first launched in 1999, after their was recognisable interest in viewers watching other Make Over home shows. Published weekly, DIY SOS produces Home Renovations taken on by a team of fully qualified and professional Builders.

In 2010 launched the first episode of DIY SOS: The Big Build, which included a list of local and fully qualified tradesmen, suppliers and people from large communities to help the families in need of a Home Renovation.

What Happened During the Big Build?

It all started in the early hours of 4 O’clock in the morning where we left our homes to travel down to the not so sunny Blackpool area. We all arrived at a Car park in Blackpool for around 7 O’clock to then being transferred to the site address.

One of the first things we noticed was that the parking surrounding this area was not very practical, we could only imagine what this could be like for the resident families nearby.

During this DIY SOS project DJ Moore Lofts were given the responsibility for all the following:

  • Carpentry Work.
  • Replacing Floor Boards.
  • Cutting & Installing Architrave and Skirting Throughout the Property.
  • Helped Build a Small Stage Area For the Children.
  • General Tidying & Labouring Around the Site.

Why We Decided To Help?

So after a busy and packed day at work, we left the site in Blackpool at 9 O’clock with a warm a feeling that we have helped someone for the better.

Which is one of the many reasons as to why we wanted to participate in DIY SOS: The Big Build, not only is it a great cause for the community. We at DJ Moore Lofts felt as though our skills and knowledge will contribute to helping the team in such a rewarding project.

The DIY SOS team and we at DJ Moore Lofts worked extremely hard in creating such a unique and fun filled house for the Children in Blackpool to enjoy themselves.

Would We Do It Again?

It’s safe to say that we would most definitely work with the DIY SOS team again, everyone at DJ Moore Loft’s learnt something valuable and the DIY SOS team were extremely friendly, genuine nice people who were happy to share their knowledge and experience with us.

If you’re thinking about getting involved with a similar project like this one, you definitely will not regret it. Simply visit their channel page to find out more information on how you can help a disadvantaged family in your local area.

DIY SOS Builders
DIY Builders

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