About The Project

This is one of the biggest jobs we have completed here at DJMoore Lofts. Because the client didn’t have the required head height for the loft conversion, but needed the extra rooms for their growing family, we looked into lifting the ridgeline. To be able to put a whole new roof on top, along with the space to create a conversion, this involved a considerable amount of work.

What We Did:

To start with, we spent a lot of time working with the local planning team to come up with something that both the client and planning officer was happy with

Once the plans were approved, we put these out to a truss company to look to getting a bespoke attic truss roof made for the client’s house.

Next came the fun bit… We started the build by having a very large temporary roof put over the whole house. This enabled us to remove the whole roof and prep for the new attic trusses being delivered in the next couple days.

The new roof was delivered from Wales on a large lorry, and we had arranged a crane to lift this up to the existing wall plates. Once lifted through the small opening on the roof, we were then able to spend the next couple of days putting the whole roof kit together. With the help of the truss roof company, our great team completed the whole roof in a space of 4 days.

At this stage, I had multiple teams onsite working to get the roof back on as soon as possible. We had a team working outside completing the new fascias and installing all of the Velux roof windows. We also had a second team inside working on the insulation, building the dividing walls and starting the plasterboarding.

We then fitted a bespoke set of stairs over the existing ones which matched perfectly and flowed seamlessly. While the plasterers were working inside, we had a local roofing company, that we use regularly, to do a full reroof and complete all the remaining outside works. This meant the scaffolding came down only 5 weeks after we started the project.

The last stage was to complete the second fix carpentry, electrics and plumbing. Our carpenter fitted all matching skirting, doors, and spindles to the entire loft. We had all the electrics items installed along with completing the small cloakroom toilet.

Client Feedback:

We handed over this fantastic new space of two double bedrooms and one toilet over to a very happy family inside of six weeks from start to finish, all thanks to our great team and hard work. For more information about our services, head over our Loft Conversion Page.

If you’re interested in seeing more of our Loft Conversion, take a look on our YouTube account for regular videos.

Completed Pictures of the Project: