Playroom in Converted Loft

When your home becomes a disorganised mess with toys on the floor of every room, it’s time to create a space where your children can have fun so that you can take back control of your home. Giving your children a space to play is just as important as giving you the freedom to relax in your home. One of the best ways to make both yourself and your children happy is to have a loft conversion to create space for a playroom. So, to help you design your new playroom in the loft, here are some small playroom ideas.

Small Playroom Ideas To Help Design Your Loft Conversation

There are a number of fun and exciting playroom ideas that can give your children a room that they adore. From decoration ideas to practical loft conversion designs, every element can make for a light, inviting and fun playroom. Making sure that you have the right loft conversion for your desired use is an important factor towards the look and feel of the playroom. To help you decide on the right loft conversion for you, here are some loft conversion designs for the ultimate children’s playroom.

Playroom in loft conversion

Advantages Of Having A Small Playroom In The Loft

If you currently have your playroom downstairs or don’t have one at all, you may notice that there are toys flung about everywhere and somehow, a piece of Lego ends up in the kitchen. Instead of having your downstairs messy and claustrophobic, why not consider incorporating your playroom into a loft conversion? By designing a small playroom in the loft, you eliminate the possibility of stubbing your toe on a playhouse or losing your child’s favourite teddy by having it all located in one place. Instead of toys here, there and everywhere, you can design a space in the loft that helps you to stay organised and win back your relaxing hub in the living room. Just some of the benefits that you can take advantage of include the following:

  • Encourages sharing
  • Teaches organisation
  • Can be fully personalised
  • Children can choose the theme
  • When moving all the toys into the ned space, it can help to clear out old toys

One of the major benefits of having a loft conversion and using it as a playroom is that you can change the theme and use of the room as your children grow. For example, you can change the playroom into a games room with computers and LED lighting or even into a bar/socialising hub for guests.

Playroom With Toys

A Rainbow Playroom Full Of Colour

One way to resolve the issue of a boys zone and girls zone is to paint the walls a neutral colour. Colours such as white, cream or light greys can make the room feel gender-neutral and inviting for everyone. On the other hand, if you wanted to create specific zones for each child, you could always put a line down the middle of the room and ask the boys and girls what colour they want their half.

Children love a splash of colour, so while opting for a neutral palette may be beneficial in some aspects, having a rainbow playroom will be exciting for your children. However, it is also easy to combine the idea of a rainbow playroom and neutral tones by painting the walls white and allowing each child to bring a splash of colour into their space through accessories and furniture.

For more ideas on playroom colours, visit House Beautiful for inspiration on modern, timeless colour palettes.

Colourful Playroom

Easy To Clean Flooring

As you can imagine, there can be a few accidents when it comes to playtime with the kids; paint on the floor, spilt drinks and smashed up crayons are all likely things that can ruin your flooring. For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure that the flooring you place in your loft conversion is easy to clean. Carpet, for example, would not be a good idea for a playroom in the loft, as you may be left with stains or sticky substances embedded in the hairs of the carpet.

Instead, opting for easy to clean flooring made from wood or linoleum will make wiping up any accidents an easy task, so you won’t have to worry about monitoring the kids to make sure the paint stays on the table. Wooden flooring is extremely easy to clean, and all it takes is one wipe with a cloth for spills to disappear. Another fun and interactive flooring idea is to have foam flooring; this will add some colour to the room and can also be fun for your children to put together. Foam flooring is easy to clean and is also soft, so your child can sit on the floor in comfort. The great thing about foam flooring is that it is extremely cheap and can be used for multiple purposes, for example, a rainbow fort.

Jungle Playroom

Ideas For Lighting For Playroom

Not only does natural lighting lower your energy bills, but this lighting for playrooms can actually come with a host of other great benefits for your children. For example, it can improve wellbeing, health and sleep, especially in an age where technology is often the main source of entertainment.

For this reason, when you are designing your loft conversion with a playroom in mind, make sure that you incorporate a source of natural lighting for your children. This can easily be done through VELUX conversions, whereby sky lighting is incorporated into the design to let in a large amount of natural lighting. Using this design can help to brighten the room and improve ventilation, making it a healthier and safer place for your children to play. If you would like to know more about VELUX loft conversions in Milton Keynes or the surrounding areas, feel free to contact the team today.

If you find it hard to bring natural lighting into your space, then there are some wonderful ways in which you can light up the room. In fact, there are tons of ways you can add to the theme of the room through your lighting, ensuring that every aspect of the room matches the theme. You can find some fantastic playroom light ideas on The Interior Editor’s article, which also includes lighting tips.

VELUX Window

A Chalkboard Wall

One thing that many parents are afraid of is their children colouring in the white walls with pens. There wouldn’t be anything worse than walking into your living room to find a storyboard full of dragons and stickmen across the walls. Although you may not be so afraid of this happening in a dedicated playroom that your guests will unlikely step foot in, it would be frustrating having your walls destroyed after just painting them. The best way to overcome this is to have a large chalkboard wall! By doing this, you can dedicate an area for your children to be as creative as they like without ruining any of your lovely walls. Make It Yours has a great guide on how to create your chalkboard wall, including the tools and equipment you’ll need.

Make sure that you have a variety of different chalk colours for your kids to create a masterpiece on the board. You can even get involved and make sure that all the areas on the chalkboard are covered in colour. This solution is perfect for easy to clean fun activities that can be used time and time again. Fitting a chalkboard, or wall, is inexpensive, and it is a creative way to add an element of personalised decoration on a budget.

Chalk Board Playroom

Playroom Storage Ideas

Although a playroom is a great way to hide all the toys from the rest of the house, you still want to make sure that you utilise a host of playroom storage ideas so that the room looks tidy and organised. Make sure that the storage you use is fun as well as safe. For example, ensure that any cupboards that you place into the room have a soft shutter; you don’t want any little fingers getting slammed or trapped in drawers. You can also place small craft drawers in one corner of the room with a table so that your children can place all of their pens and drawing equipment in them.

We would advise that you make sure your storage is safe for your children, so having chairs with storage in them is an excellent way to incorporate soft seating as well as safe storage. If your children like different types of toys and have their own, then it would be a good idea to make sure that there are two separate locations for them to store their bits. This means that they will be responsible for putting their toys away and can store all their toys in one place.

Although shelves are a good way to store things around the home, this may not be a good idea for a playroom. There are multiple reasons why this is dangerous for your children; firstly, they can hit their heads on the corners of the shelves and secondly, they can have an accident trying to get something off the shelf if it is placed too high. To avoid this, try using storage boxes that are placed on the floor, giving your children easy access to their toys.

Storage In Playroom

Princess Castle Or A Knights Fort

Children have wild imaginations that can come up with various storylines, so why not make their fairy-tale adventures more realistic by incorporating a castle or fort into their playroom? To make it even more special, you can place a box in the corner of the room where they can put on all of their fun costumes, ready to play dress up. You can be as creative as you like when making a fort, and don’t be shy to go all the way, as this will add to the exciting experience. Some ideas for fun and exciting forts include:

  • An indoor treehouse
  • Pirate ship
  • Fancy castle
  • Fairy-tale forest
  • A stage to show off talents

Girl Playing Princess

Transform Your Loft Conversion

When it comes to playrooms, the more creative the design ideas, the better! Children love exciting colours and going off on imaginary adventures, so to help them channel their inner creativity, give them their own personal space with a loft conversion in Bedford. Loft conversions give you that extra space that can make a big difference around the house when there aren’t toys lying around.

DJ Moore Lofts has been providing clients with loft extensions in Bedford and the surrounding areas for many years and our helpful team have a wealth of experience in designing bespoke loft conversions. Take a look at our previous projects for some inspiration, and speak to our team today about having your very own loft conversion to give the kids their own space to play and make memories.

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