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Whether you are thinking about having a loft conversion or already have a room in the loft, you may be wondering how you can use the space effectively and wisely. Well, you may be surprised to know that there are an endless supply of ways you can use this space, incorporating your own element of style in the process. If you’re stuck for loft room ideas, then we have some inventive and useful ways you can use the space to your advantage.

Loft Room Ideas Suited To All Home

When it comes to loft conversions, there are multiple different styles that you can pick from, whether it be a stylish and modern dormer conversion or velux conversions that open up the room. Regardless of which style you opt for, each loft conversion gives you a unique design that can be utilised to create a stunning room that can be used for multiple purposes.

Once you have decided what room you will create in your loft, you can start to choose the design and style of the room depending on its purpose. To help you make this decision, we have come up with a range of different ideas, styles and furnishings that you can take inspiration from.

Tearoom in Loft

Bathroom With An Suite

It is likely that you will have a considerable amount of room in your loft conversion to work with, meaning that you can afford to bring the master bedroom upstairs and treat yourself to a luxury ensuite where you can sit back and relax. The great thing about a loft conversion is that you can add sky lighting to let in as much natural light as possible to make the room feel spacious and less claustrophobic. In some conversion styles, such as the dormer, you even have space to add a small balcony for that added level of luxury.

Make sure that you have the perfect sanctuary to enhance your bedroom by incorporating a bathroom that has all of the features and fixtures that you need to relax and unwind after a long day. For example, a whirlpool bath is great for your wellness and instantly relaxes you. Another added bonus of having an ensuite in your master bedroom is that you won’t have to worry about the kids making a mess; this means that you can furnish your bathroom with luxury items that you know won’t get damaged. Elle Decor has some beautiful bathroom design ideas that can modernise your room as well as give you that luxury experience you deserve.

Ensure that you decorate your master bedroom to epitomise your own style, whether it be modern or traditional. There are plenty of design ideas that you can find on the internet to enhance your bedroom, such as those on Good Housekeeping. We would suggest taking your own approach to the modern trend that is currently taking over homes across the UK. For example, modern homes tend to use white, creams or other neutral colours on the walls and incorporate soft coloured furniture. However, you could always add your own flair with some artwork or a funky animal print chair.

Bedroom In Loft

Peaceful Living Room

Due to most loft conversions incorporating a vast amount of light through window placement, a peaceful living room is another perfect option for you to relax and read a book after a hard day’s work. The natural lighting makes for the ideal setting to place in some fake trees and plants for you to feel like you’re in the Bahamas even when it’s cold, wet and windy outside. You could even go the extra mile and add in some rattan chairs for that rustic Caribbean feel, paired with some brightly coloured cushions.

Seeing as heat rises, having your living room in the loft for the winter makes for the perfect cosy den where the whole family can snuggle up and spend some quality time together. Ensure that you have warming colours such as soft greys and browns, and pair them with modern chairs such as the fashionable velvet shell armchairs. Make sure that the room is comfortable and keep the family warm with some soft blankets. You can find some more winter living room ideas on Ideal Home.

Living Room In Loft

The Man Cave

Why not create a special place for the lads to hang out, including all of your favourite table games, drinks and food? Start by setting the mood and paint the walls a dark colour; this also makes it easier to hide any scuffs and scratches that might occur when messing about. Include some furniture such as a large sofa and a coffee table, making sure that you have some coasters ready to avoid any damage.

Games such as a pool table or a football table are perfect additions to a man cave, giving you hours of fun when friends come over; just be sure not to place them too close to the walls. Don’t forget about having a mini-fridge to keep all of your drinks cool, and a snack station with all of your favourite sweet treats. You can find some inventive ways to decorate your man cave by taking a look at Morning Chores inspiring article.

Man Cave in Loft

Kid’s Playroom

There is nothing quite as frustrating as having the perfectly design home and spending hours cleaning up to find that the kids have been making a mess behind you as you’re going along. So, why not make the loft a playroom for the kids to make as much mess as they like? Not only will you be able to claim back the living room, but it also gives you the opportunity to teach your kids about sharing and cleaning up after themselves.

Allow the kids to get creative by setting up a station in the room for arts and crafts, ensuring that you include storage so that everything has its own home. You could even make the walls a chalkboard and allow your kids to create their own wallpaper that can be washed off and restarted time and time again. When designing the playroom, make sure that you design it with little people in mind, so that storage is low and corners are soft. Corner guards can make sure that if anyone hits their head on the side of boxes, there won’t be any serious injuries; while storage that is on the floor makes sure that everyone can reach them and that heads aren’t banged against shelves. Not only does this protect your children, but it also gives you peace of mind that they can play away upstairs while you relax in the living room. If you’re struggling for ideas, then Real Home has some playroom designs to give you a little bit of inspiration.

Playroom in Loft

Smaller Loft Room Ideas

Not everyone has the luxury of a large loft that fits in with every room idea; however, smaller ideas such as a walk-in wardrobe mean that you can still be sure to use the space wisely. There are an abundance of ways you can use the space, as long as you design it to maximise the space you have. DJ Moore Lofts has been designing loft conversion in Milton Keynes for a number of years, and has a wealth of experience in designing a place that adds value to a client’s home. So, you are not limited on your options, and you can find the benefits of a loft conversion on our previous article.

The Dream Walk In Wardrobe

Walk-in wardrobes tend to made bespoke to the client, which is perfect for loft conversions as they usually have slanted roofs, making it an awkward shape to work with. Wardrobes can be fitted to all of the curves and edge in the room, as well as functioning to your storage needs. Sliding doors are a great use of space as they don’t take up much space yet still add some style and sophistication to the room.

Make your walk-in wardrobe a luxury addition to the home by adding a chair in the centre of the room, as well a chandelier for a statement piece and dramatic effect. You can make the room your own by choosing wardrobes, doors and windows that are best suited to your style. By having your wardrobe in the loft, you can free up space in your bedroom to make it feel bigger, allowing you to maximise space.

Walk-In Wardrobe in Loft

A Sophisticated Bar

Just because you have a small space to work with, it doesn’t mean that you can’t create a little den for you and your guests to socialise in. A small bar area is the perfect addition to your home, allowing you to have a dedicated location for your alcohol, party games and stylish seating. There are many ways in which you can decorate your bar area, such as having stalls for people to sit on, as well as pumps for draft beer or a mini-fridge for soft drinks.

If you can’t fit in any table games, why don’t you have a station for board games that you can bring out, or even place a TV on the wall? You can also add some sophistication to the room by having a liquor cabinet that also holds all of those fancy glasses. Home Wet Bar has some funky, unique and interesting ideas for designing home bars, so we would suggest taking a look before designing your own.

Bar in Loft

Your Room, Your Way

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration to start decorating your loft conversion and put it to good use. For those of you that have now seen the potential of a loft conversion and the amazing benefits and room ideas that it brings to the home, why not have one bespoke designed by DJ Moore Lofts professionals? The team have extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to loft conversions in St Albans and the surrounding areas, so contact us today to arrange your conversion project.

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