Amazing Velux Conversions

Our high-end quality Velux Conversions are great for making the most of your empty and unused loft space.

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About Our Velux Conversions

Velux conversions are a great way to add natural light to your conversion, which gives the feeling of a bright open space. They also help with ventilation, and allow for great panoramic views outside.

All our windows are fitted to the highest standard, according to manufactures requirements. DJ Moore Lofts only use Velux, which is the leading brand of roof windows. They have a wide variety of styles and sizes, and are made to the highest quality.

With a Velux conversion, the roofline remains untouched, meaning there is less structural work needed, with less disruption to your home. It also allows your property to stay in keeping with the surrounding area. This type of conversion is attractive to many due to the lower cost.

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Benefits Of Velux Conversions

  • Adds natural light
  • Less structural work
  • Helps with ventilation
  • Shorter turnaround times
  • Less likely to need planning permission
  • Outside look of house is unaltered

Why DJ Moore Conversions?

With this type of conversion, the roof-line is unaltered, other than Velux windows. Leaving the original roof structure untouched. Therefore, planning permission is not generally required, making it an attractive option for many. Also, due to the fact that no large alterations need to be made to the roof, the cost of the conversion is smaller.