What Is Trustmark?

As a Government Endorsed Quality Scheme, Trustmark is responsible for guaranteeing an unbeatable quality to homeowners who opt for carrying out work in out around their property. Companies who are a TrustMark Registered Business must have had gone through a thorough examination to ensure that they meet an exceptional standard. Trustmark strives to provide property owners with complete confidence that their home is in safe hands.

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Benefits of a Trustmark Accreditation

100% Customer Service

TrustMark Registered Businesses are assessed on their customer service standards. Aspects include communication skills, problem-solving abilities and professionalism.

Good Trading Practices

Trading practices must be of a high level to protect both DJ Moore Lofts and the customer; this includes aspects such as meeting all health and safety regulations.

Technical Ability

The Trademark accreditation comes alongside strict technical competency levels, which reassure the knowledge and skills of all DJ Moore Lofts team members.

What a Trustmark accreditation means

Being accredited by Trustmark allows DJ Moore Lofts to guarantee every customer an impeccable quality of customer service, craftsmanship and final loft conversion results. Having full access to compliant forms, industry updates and the latest training schemes keeps the team one step ahead of the game!